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  • FrightFest 2013: epic critics’ roundtable post-mortem

    Anton Bitel, Kim Newman and Virginie Selavy emerge from the UK’s leading horror film festival with 41 films in the bag.

    Anton Bitel, Kim Newman, Virginie Sélavy
    Thursday 26 September 2013


  • BFI London Film Festival 2013: 
30 recommendations

    With vampires and folkies, stories from Mexico, the Philippines and Yorkshire, the BFI LFF 2013 is as multifarious as ever. Here are our favourite films so far.

    Sight & Sound Editors
    Friday 13 September 2013


  • Fantasia 2013: Montreal’s monster convocation

    From Vietnamese martial arts / sex melodrama / musicals to Richard Stanley’s forays around Cathar country, mumblegore entryists and the exploits of horror’s knight-errant Andrzej Zulawski, fantasy cinema once again consumed Canada’s second city this summer, reports Nick Pinkerton.

    Nick Pinkerton
    Thursday 12 September 2013


  • Venice 2013: Come in, come out of the sun

    More waterlogged poise from Taiwan’s Tsai Ming-Liang, castration fun from Kim Ki-Duk and winning portraits of directors Sam Fuller, James Benning and Richard Linklater stood out on a slow Lido, reports Nick James.

    Nick James
    Thursday 12 September 2013


  • Alive and spinning: Only the Young

    Robert Greene on why a gentle portrait of three skateboarding California teens marks the cutting edge of nonfiction cinema.

    Robert Greene
    Wednesday 11 September 2013


  • TV’s a crowd

    Do television’s collective values hobble its artistic potential, asks Brad Stevens?

    Brad Stevens
    Tuesday 10 September 2013


  • Venice 2013: truth, lies and admin – American documentaries on the Lido

    The University of Berkeley hosts Fred Wiseman’s entreaty for open communication – while Errol Morris and Alex Gibney hit the big American stone walls of Donald Rumsfeld and Lance Armstrong, finds Ashley Clark.

    Ashley Clark
    Monday 9 September 2013


  • Venice 2013: week one high-water marks

    Nick James on grim Greek tragedy Miss Violence, Tokyo prostitution fable The Shape of Night and Kelly Reichardt’s Night Movies at a Biennale otherwise overshadowed by its own past glories.

    Nick James
    Tuesday 3 September 2013


  • Blowing their own alphorn: Swiss musical documentaries

    A sidebar at this year’s New Horizons film festival in Wrocław showcased another Swiss specialism: putting on film the world’s music and sounds, at home and abroad. Agnieszka Gratza reports.

    Agnieszka Gratza
    Friday 23 August 2013


  • Karen Black, 1939-2013

    Peter Tonguette on the soul of the 1970s’ New American Cinema.

    Peter Tonguette
    Thursday 15 August 2013


271 - 280 of 553


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