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  • From the Magazine

    Cannes 2014 preview: stiff competition

    Jonathan Romney on what to look out for in this year’s festival – from the usual auteur heavyweights to the roster of UK talent.

    Jonathan Romney
    Tuesday 13 May 2014


  • Reality and the red carpet: Hot Docs 2014

    At North America’s biggest documentary festival, nonfiction generously extends to more or less thorny matters of fame, media frenzies, pantomimes and hoopla, finds Adam Nayman.

    Adam Nayman
    Monday 12 May 2014


  • Bridges in time: Istanbul 2014

    On the anniversary of the city’s Gezi Park protests, and the centenary of the first-ever Turkish film, old and new made strange bedfellows at this year’s Istanbul Film Festival, reports Kaya Genç.

    Kaya Genç
    Wednesday 30 April 2014


  • Wrestling realities

    Robert Greene seeks lessons in truth-craft from big men in tights.

    Robert Greene
    Wednesday 30 April 2014


  • Shelter from the storm: the Orphan Film Symposium 2014

    This year’s convention of ‘archivists, artists and scholars’ dusted off curios including a Polish typewriter camera, a bonfire of valve radios, Josephine Baker in clogs and the eye-popping Gasparcolor system. Ian Francis reports.

    Ian Francis
    Saturday 26 April 2014


  • Tribeca 2014: basketball and the city

    Nick James reports on the best of Manhattan’s budding movie showcase, starring the New York Knicks, Nas, Raf Simons, gorillas, New Orleans millennials, listless Mexican drifters and the Edward Snowdens of the 1970s.

    Nick James
    Wednesday 23 April 2014


  • Faking the long take

    What happens when we digitise our camera operators, wonders Brad Stevens?

    Brad Stevens
    Wednesday 16 April 2014


  • DIY punk: Flatpack 2014

    Broadening the playing field (and resisting the bland): Simran Hans reports on Birmingham’s film festival of anything and everything.

    Simran Hans
    Tuesday 15 April 2014


  • Vera Chytilová, 1929-2014

    Celluloid Liberation Front remembers the “recalcitrant first lady of the Czech New Wave”.

    Celluloid Liberation Front
    Thursday 27 March 2014


  • Now go wash: True/False 2014 and the Unclean Cinema

    Art / journalism, ethics / aesthetics, chaos / structure, creativity / confusion: documentaries are embracing their inner slash, reports Robert Greene.

    Robert Greene
    Saturday 22 March 2014


301 - 310 of 646


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