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  • Cannes 2015: Where’s Raaooouuuul?

    Or is that Raúúúúúúúúúl? At any rate, this strange, recurring howl is less an emblem of Cannes’ clubbiness than of its all-bewildering embrace, says Charlie Lyne.

    Charlie Lyne
    Wednesday 13 May 2015


  • From the Magazine

    Cannes 2015: Opening gambits

    The august regulars are still in evidence, but this year’s Cannes line-up is rather less predictable – and younger – than in recent years, says Isabel Stevens.

    Isabel Stevens
    Wednesday 13 May 2015


  • Read my finger

    With media performance now such a key currency, could more documentary literacy mean better citizenship, asks Robert Greene?

    Robert Greene
    Wednesday 29 April 2015


  • Cuckoos and straw bears: Alchemy 2015

    Harriet Warmen reports on the fifth edition of the Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival, a haven for moving-image artists in the Scottish Borders, and its installations and performances in spaces from a textile mill to a storage warehouse.

    Harriet Warman
    Monday 27 April 2015


  • Bermuda 2015: cutting its shorts according to its cloth

    The island’s film festival has shallower pockets since the recession hit – but it still draws a high calibre of Hollywood talent, says Nick James.

    Nick James
    Wednesday 22 April 2015


  • “Human once again”: documentaries spring eternal at Mexico’s Ambulante 2015

    Ten years into its mission to bring audiences their own images on screen, has Mexico’s touring Ambulante tapped a new mood of hope, asks Joshua Jelly-Schapiro?

    Joshua Jelly-Schapiro
    Wednesday 22 April 2015


  • One step back: spring sidesteps the 2015 Istanbul Film Festival

    Amidst thawing relations between the Turkish state and its Kurdish insurgency, a censorship debacle at this year’s Turkish film showcase snowballed out of anyone’s control. Kaya Genç reports.

    Kaya Genç
    Sunday 19 April 2015


  • Requiem for cavalier attitudes

    Great directors used to know how to have their way with source literature. Even novels of distinction were no impediment to Vincente Minnelli, says Brad Stevens.

    Brad Stevens
    Tuesday 14 April 2015


  • FLARE 2015 critics’ roundtable

    From queer bodies in sports to the life online, this year’s London LGBT film festival suggested gay cinema is growing up and out of both tragedy and feelgood transcendence, according to Sophie Mayer, Frances Morgan and Ben Walters.

    So Mayer, Frances Morgan, Ben Walters
    Thursday 2 April 2015


  • The naked festival: True/False 2015 versus the rules

    As the festival’s advocacy of documentary unorthodoxy takes hold, must this audience-first jamboree learn to play the film business’s games, asks Charlie Lyne?

    Charlie Lyne
    Friday 20 March 2015


311 - 320 of 750


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