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  • London 2013: Spanish cinema – beyond crisis?

    Three new movies by London Film Festival debutantes exemplify the new DIY ethos of Spain’s embattled film sector, reports Mar Diestro-Dópido.

    Mar Diestro-Dópido
    Thursday 17 October 2013


  • From the Magazine

    Goodbye Mr French: Fleet Street cuts back its film critics

    This summer has seen a sudden round of layoffs from another of the old-film-world trades. Is this cyclical, or terminal, asks Nick James?

    Nick James
    Friday 11 October 2013


  • Patrice Chéreau, 1944-2013

    Trevor Johnston on the master of theatre, opera and film.

    Trevor Johnston
    Friday 11 October 2013


  • Encounters 2013: Swiss Encounters

    Harriet Warman finds notes of electro-psychedelic-ambient Dadaism, abstract football fandom, perilous femininity and existential hopelessness in a Swiss buffet at this year’s Bristol short-film expo.

    Harriet Warman
    Thursday 3 October 2013


  • Encounters 2013: Best of British (live action)

    Dylan Cave on a septet of standouts at this year’s Bristol short-film festival, featuring old people, young people, a house and a stick.

    Dylan Cave
    Wednesday 2 October 2013


  • Border tensions: Berwick 2013

    This year’s Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival took aim at the boundaries between films and installation art, as well as between Berwick and its North Sea neighbours, reports Michael Pattison.

    Michael Pattison
    Tuesday 1 October 2013


  • Mutant mutations

    The late ‘exploitation’ master Jess Franco was a paragon of the art of muddying clear blue waters, writes Brad Stevens.

    Brad Stevens
    Tuesday 1 October 2013


  • FrightFest 2013: epic critics’ roundtable post-mortem

    Anton Bitel, Kim Newman and Virginie Selavy emerge from the UK’s leading horror film festival with 41 films in the bag.

    Anton Bitel, Kim Newman, Virginie Sélavy
    Thursday 26 September 2013


  • BFI London Film Festival 2013: 
30 recommendations

    With vampires and folkies, stories from Mexico, the Philippines and Yorkshire, the BFI LFF 2013 is as multifarious as ever. Here are our favourite films so far.

    Sight & Sound Editors
    Friday 13 September 2013


  • Fantasia 2013: Montreal’s monster convocation

    From Vietnamese martial arts / sex melodrama / musicals to Richard Stanley’s forays around Cathar country, mumblegore entryists and the exploits of horror’s knight-errant Andrzej Zulawski, fantasy cinema once again consumed Canada’s second city this summer, reports Nick Pinkerton.

    Nick Pinkerton
    Thursday 12 September 2013


411 - 420 of 700


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