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  • Spike Lee: Oldboy, new man?

    Spike Lee’s remake of Old Boy might not have set the world on fire, but his lively engagement with digital media points to a bright future, says Ashley Clark

    Ashley Clark
    Friday 13 December 2013


  • True surrealism: Walter Benjamin and The Act of Killing

    Carrie McAlinden on how Joshua Oppenheimer’s lurid incursion into Indonesia’s past horrors incarnates Walter Benjamin’s philosophies of historical awakening.

    Carrie McAlinden
    Friday 29 November 2013


  • Storming the stage: Benjamin Britten’s cinematic mind

    Paul Kildea relates how the movies inspired Benjamin Britten to revitalise British opera.

    Paul Kildea
    Wednesday 16 October 2013


  • Reopening the Third Eye

    Virginie Sélavy remembers Jacques Katmor, Israel’s counter-cultural voice in the wilderness.

    Virginie Sélavy, Tai Shani
    Friday 11 October 2013


  • Poland’s coming out

    Two box-office breakthroughs this year suggest the country’s cinema is finally emerging from the closet, says Michael Brooke.

    Michael Brooke
    Tuesday 1 October 2013


  • From the Magazine

    The essay film

    Andrew Tracy explores the characteristics that have come to define this most elastic of forms, while eight more contributors highlight a dozen influential milestone essay films, from Jean Vigo to Chris Marker.

    Andrew Tracy, Ginette Vincendeau, Katy McGahan, Chris Darke, Geoff Andrew, Olaf Möller, Sergio Wolf, Nina Power, Nick Bradshaw
    Saturday 3 August 2013

    Deep Focus

  • Lost spirit: M. Night Shyamalan

    These are disheartening times for the wunderkind behind The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. Can the former golden boy ever recover his magic, asks Joseph Bevan?

    Joseph Bevan
    Thursday 27 June 2013


  • Eastern Europe’s uprooted

    With old structures failing a new generation of filmmakers, what are the hopes for arthouse cinema from the east, asks Verena von Stackelberg?

    Verena von Stackelberg
    Friday 21 June 2013


  • Second youth: the golden age of Nikkatsu Studios

    Jasper Sharp on how Japan’s oldest film studio became home to the country’s hippest post-war talents.

    Jasper Sharp
    Tuesday 4 June 2013


  • Man on fire: Tony Scott

    Joseph Bevan on how a North Shields art student set the world agog.

    Joseph Bevan
    Wednesday 15 May 2013


71 - 80 of 139


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