Digital and cross-media projects

We provide development support and distribution funding for digital and cross-media projects produced tangentially to the film, which aim to increase the scope for audience engagement with the film.

Awards might include funding for the production of concepts, such as a series of characters that might be exploited in an animated feature, or in a game environment and/or for the promotion of the film. A recent example is the digital companion project for Ken Loach’s documentary The Spirit of ’45 – My ’45 (, which began development during the film’s post-production.

By funding these selected test cases, we will explore whether creating digital content around a film can increase audience interaction pre- and post-release; and ultimately see if this approach could have a positive impact on the film’s value and provide new innovative business models.

Applications for projects should either be made by the producer at the film’s development stage through the Film Fund’s regular application mechanism or, if the film is at the post-production stage, through the Distribution Fund New Models strand.

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