Programming Development Fund FAQ

Frequently asked questions about applications to the Programming Development Fund.

What information do I need to include in the application?

Please refer to the guidelines for advice on completing the application form.

How can I log in to my account?

You can log in to your account via the account login link on the Programming Development Fund page. Logging in to your account allows you to access your in-progress or submitted application. If you do not have an account you will be asked to register for one before starting your application.

How long are the awards open for?

Because some projects will extend across more than one financial year, we may make awards that run for more than 12 months if necessary. This will be at the BFI’s discretion.

What is meant by ‘diverse’, ‘diversity’ and ‘hard to reach’?

We want to help enable all groups within our society to participate in and enjoy film culture as audiences and learners. We want to make certain that our funding is open to a wide range of people, embracing differences in the values, attitudes, cultural perspective, beliefs, ethnic background, sexual orientation, ability or disability, skills, knowledge, socio-economic status, age and life experiences of each individual in any group of people.

Some of these groups fall in to the category of ‘hard to reach’ audiences and it may require specialised or targeted marketing to encourage them to visit a cinema or to watch something they would not choose for themselves but might enjoy.

What is the BFI Film Audience Network?

The BFI Film Audience Network is a network of cinema venues, film festivals, film societies and other film organisations, working together to help try and diversify the range of films available to their local audiences and encourage more people to see them. The Network consists of 9 regional groupings (or Film Hubs) in the following areas: Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, London, the South East, the South West/West Midlands, Central and East, the North West/West Midlands and the Greater North. Each Hub will be managed by a Film Hub Lead Organisation (FHLO) based in these regions/nations.

Read about the Film Audience Network and find contact details for the different Film Hub Lead Organisations

Can film societies apply to this fund?

Yes provided they are a legally constituted organisation.

Can film festivals apply to this fund?

Yes, if they are a legally constituted organisation they can apply but we will not fund core film festival costs through this fund. As outlined in the guidelines, we will consider applications to tour elements of a culturally significant film festival which would otherwise be unable to reach audiences across the UK.

If you need funding for a film festival you should consider applying to the BFI’s Film Festival Fund or, in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland to your national screen agency.

My organisation is based in another European Economic Area country. Can I still apply for this fund?

The lead applicant must be based in the UK. As outlined in the guidelines, applications can be made in respect of programmes developed outside the UK provided they relate to delivery or audience development programmes inside the UK.

My organisation is an informal association/club. Can I still apply?

No, you must be a legally constituted organisation to be able to apply.

Can Lottery funding be used as partnership funding?

Funding already provided to you or your project partners through any other BFI funding scheme cannot be used as match funding. Provided the conditions of other Lottery distributors do not prohibit you from matching their funding with ours, we are able to accept these organisations as match funders.

I’ve already run a successful programme. Can I do the same programme again?

Generally we are looking to fund new programmes of work. However, if the programme was highly successful in reaching its audience targets we would consider applications involving the same programme as long as it reached new audiences or included significant new content.

Some of the points in the assessment criteria are not relevant to my project. Will my application automatically fail if I cannot address every point?

No, it is not necessary to address every single point although the more money you are requesting, the more of these criteria you will need to meet.

If I am successful with a Research & Development application, does that increase its chance of securing Project Delivery funding?

Securing Research & Development funding is not a guarantee of success for any subsequent application for Project Delivery funding.

Why is funding only available until 2017?

This scheme is part of our Film Forever strategy which runs until the end of the financial year in 2017. The investment period for this Programming Development Fund is therefore the four year period up until end March 2017.

My question has not been answered here. How do I contact you?

Please submit your query using our contact form.

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