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BFI Film Fund

The BFI uses National Lottery funds to develop and support original UK filmmakers and films, and to increase the audiences who can enjoy them.

We seek to reflect the public in the films we support, the audiences who watch them, and the filmmakers, actors and crews who make them.

Our aim is to champion diverse, bold and distinctive films and increase the audiences for them across the UK. See a trailer of the films we’ve supported.

Film Fund support

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    We work across film development and production, audience development, and operations and partnerships.

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    Contact the BFI Film Fund team if you have a query about our activity or your project.

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    Find out more about new releases and other projects supported by the BFI Film Fund.

A word on feedback

We make every effort to ensure that our application process is fair and as transparent as possible. Sadly, given the volume of applications we receive, we are not able to provide feedback on projects that we have decided not to progress.



    Discovering, developing and funding new and emerging filmmakers.

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  • BFI Diversity Fund

    BFI Diversity Fund

    Opportunities for individuals for professional development, and supporting companies and organisations to show leadership in diversity.

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    Search for Lottery awards

    Search the funding awards for films, projects and organisations made by the BFI since April 2011.

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