Filmmaker benefits – BFI Locked Box

Find out how filmmakers can benefit from their film’s success through the BFI Locked Box.

Recycling development awards to the producer

We recycle 100% of the money that is recouped by the BFI from an investment in development (up to a maximum of £100,000 per project) and make it available to the successful applicant in question for future investment in its filmmaking activities (subject to certain conditions).

BFI Producer Corridor Entitlement and Producer Equity Entitlement

A percentage share (a blended rate of 37.5%) of the BFI’s recouped income is made available to the production team for future investment in its further film activities. As set out in Film Forever, allocations of this income share are subject to an agreement to be reached between PACT, DUK and WGGB and to approval by the European Commission of an amendment to the existing scheme.

We also promote a Producer Equity Entitlement, where the value of the advance against the UK film tax relief is treated as the producer’s own equity in the film. Both provisions are certain to subject conditions (more details can be provided if your project is selected for production funding).

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