BFI Vision Awards 3

The BFI Vision Awards 3 focus on supporting a new generation of diverse, ambitious film producers around the UK to help us deliver on our mission of discovering and developing emerging filmmaking voices, providing funding to build up and strengthen their development slates.

What are the BFI Vision Awards 3?

Awards will enable producers to build on their existing relationships with writers and directors, form and strengthen alliances with established producers and partners, and afford them the time needed to find new talent and develop projects with solid production prospects.

In recognition of the financial challenges and difficulties placed on producers who are yet to establish themselves, the BFI Vision Awards 3 will include a substantial financial allowance for the producer towards their fees and overheads, alongside an allocation for associated costs in seeding the development of feature film projects. To encourage producers who would not be able to support themselves financially on a full-time basis alongside developing relationships and projects with emerging filmmakers, the financial allowance portion of the BFI Vision Award will be non-recoupable (i.e. it will not need to be repaid to the BFI).

We have allocated an overall £2.5million to the BFI Vision Awards 3 scheme, with a maximum company funding amount of £50,000 per year for two years. We may, in exceptional cases, choose to award a third year of funding to producers who have proven themselves in unearthing a specific underserved area of talent and are able to propose a solid plan to continue to do so.

The BFI Vision Awards 3 are open to new teams of producers as well as to individual producers operating under their own UK production company, and they are open to producers working in long-form live action, animation and/or documentary.

What are we looking for?

The BFI Vision Awards 3 are designed to support producers who are at an early stage of their film career. We expect applicants to have clear ambitions for themselves and for the UK film industry, a strategy about how to find and nurture new talent from different regions of the UK, and to be able to articulate a clear strategic plan about how they intend to build a viable business.

Please read the Guidelines carefully to see if you are eligible to apply.

The BFI Vision Awards 3 are designed to enable new and emerging producers to:

  • Seek out new and emerging writers and directors from across the UK.
  • Build their development slate with an eye to defining themselves and their company identity.
  • Take creative risks in new areas;
  • Reach a wider, more diverse audience for their work.
  • Build or capitalise on pre-existing partnerships with more established companies and those with the necessary areas of expertise.
  • Improve their business skills and commercial expertise; and work on a plan to have an on-going and viable business after the end of the award term.

We will be working with the BFI NET.WORK to identify forums and opportunities for the awardees to meet with different areas of the industry, and to make connections with emerging talent (and vice versa), in order to establish themselves and their company. We may also match successful applicants with a mentor: a senior producer who can share their experience with the aim of building skills and stretching abilities.


Please ensure you have read the full Guidelines for the BFI Vision Awards 3 before you complete the application form.

Applying for a BFI Vision Award

Before you proceed to the application form below, please note that first-time applicants to the BFI will be asked to create an account before commencing the application form. This is requested for the applicants’ convenience, in order to allow the application to be saved before it is submitted.

Creating an account also enables the British Film Institute to confirm by email that the application has been received. At this point, applicants will be sent a unique application ID for their records. Once applicants have an account set up, future applications will be pre-populated with their contact details.

Please note that applications will not be assessed until after the application deadline has passed. Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email.


Stage Timescale
Applications open 9 March 2016
Closing date for receipt of applications 23:59 29 April 2016
Standard email acknowledgement of your application From 2-23 May 2016
Decision to progress or decline your application By 31 May 2016
Interviews intended to be held w/c 13/20 June 2016

To make a new application to the Film Fund if you already have an account login, or to create an account login if you are a new applicant, please proceed to the application form below:

The applicant will be able to access all previously submitted applications, including in-progress applications, at any point by logging into their account:

Further enquiries

Please make sure that you have read through all our guidelines before contacting us with any enquiries. If you still can’t find an answer to your question then please email us at



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