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Raising £1 million in 1 year for BFI Education

The BFI supports a love of film every step of the way

BACK THE FUTURE is a year-long campaign to raise £1 million for BFI Education, which shapes the film culture of tomorrow by investing in the passion of young people today.

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy, learn from, and take their place in film, in whatever way they choose.

We support potential right from the beginning

The work we do deepens engagement with film, enriches learning, builds practical skills, and helps young people to understand and contribute to the world around them.

Your help will ensure that everyone who comes through our doors has the BFI behind them, and feels that anything is possible.

Every donation we receive can turn an hour into a day, a script into a shoot, a dreamer into an artist

Reaching and Teaching

Our work with schools, teachers, youth groups and families introduces the power of film, both as an art form and as a tool for all kinds of learning, in the classroom and beyond.

Helping Future Filmmakers

BFI Future Film, BFI Film Academy and our hands-on programmes discover and support potential in those who want to make and shape the future of film, whatever their background.

Keeping Film in Focus

Our unique role as the UK’s advocate for the moving image around the world is critical in boosting the value and impact of film education.

  • Steve McQueen

    Film needs new voices in order to reflect our richly varied, diverse and challenging society. It is crucial for our culture to be a representative one, and for the stories people see to resonate deeply with them. We must support the BFI, whose education programmes widen access to film, and enable more people to share their stories.

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  • Sam Jones

    BFI Film Academy alumni

    The BFI opens the door to film for young people in such a noble way. The BFI doesn't offer young people unlimited funding, nor perfect career paths designed to set us up for life. It does something which I think is much more valuable. It creates networks, it supports, and most importantly, it inspires. The work the BFI does for young people everywhere can be quite subtle, but it's so right. Lots of what I've gained from the BFI has happened in the background and so only in looking back can I see just how crucial it has been for me. I wouldn't be where I'm at now if it wasn't for this work the BFI does.

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  • Florence Pugh

    Working in film is an incredible privilege. Every corner of our industry is filled with talented people doing a staggering variety of things, each with a common goal. Still, though, this world can be opaque to those seeking to enter it. Through the BFI, young people with a passion for film are given the tools they need to succeed and get ahead in an industry that can all too often seem dauntingly inaccessible. These initiatives need both our celebration and our support.

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  • Charlotte Regan

    BFI Film Academy & Future Film alumni

    When I first came to the BFI I very rarely went to the cinema, now I go 2/3 times a week. It was an absolute shock to be so immersed in incredible films, most of which I'd never seen before. The films I see at the BFI push me further towards my dream of creating films that can resonate with people.

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  • Idris Elba

    Ultimately, what is film for but education? Every time you sit down to watch something, whatever it may be, you're learning - not just about the world around you, but about yourself. The BFI sees moving image as a wonderful tool for self-expression, and through it, people learn to engage with film in so many amazing ways. Without their efforts, the landscape of our industry would be much more barren.

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  • Romola Garai

    It is such an honour to support the BFI's Back the Future campaign as they work to revolutionise our industry and make it inclusive, accessible and filled with the greatest talent from the widest possible pool in our society. Hopefully, with campaigns such as this, no one will ever feel the doors to our industry were closed to them.

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  • Paul Greengrass

    Back the Future is a vital new BFI initiative that aims to educate and nurture tomorrow’s filmmakers. If we are to build tomorrow's accessible and diverse film community, it's vital that we find and encourage new talent from all backgrounds and in every part of our country, and give them the best possible platform from which to tell their stories. These filmmakers of the future will help guide us in the years ahead, telling us stories of who we were, are and are to become. There is no more important task...

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  • Michael Sheen

    Think of all the films yet to be that will change our lives, change our children's lives, shape who we are and who we can become. That can only happen if we support and encourage the filmmakers of our future. The more we can do that now, the richer and more meaningful all our futures can become.

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  • David Morrissey

    Film education, in all its forms, deserves pride of place in the classroom and beyond. What other medium has the same potential as the moving image to inspire minds and ignite passions? If we are to truly back the future, we must have faith in the power of film, both in and of itself and as a tool for teaching all manner of subjects.

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  • Julian Fellowes

    The moving image is one of the mainstays of our world's culture. Over the past century it has entertained, informed and changed us. Watching and learning from films and television is a sometimes joyful but always enriching experience, and it is an experience that should be available to everyone. Education programmes at the BFI inspire the minds that will shape the future of film and, needless to say, it is our duty to make sure these initiatives are a success.

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