BFI2022, the BFI’s 5-year plan, outlines how we intend to develop professional skills for new entrants and employees in the UK screen industries. 

The foundation of these plans for 2017 to 2022 is our Future Film Skills Programme.

Rapid growth in film and high-end production in the UK has revealed skills shortages.

In response, the BFI created a task force and commissioned an independent skills audit, concentrating on the craft and technical skills that are vital to every production.

From this, we developed Future Film Skills – An Action Plan.

The Future Film Skills Programme has the following aims:

  • to improve the quality of film industry-related careers advice for all ages, to attract new talent
  • to build bridges between education and industry to ensure the training is industry relevant
  • to support relevant professional development for the sector, to retain workers and attract existing craftspeople
  • to enhance the provision of film craft education and training within further and higher education.
  • to ensure the industry’s workforce represents its UK audience

The public benefit is to make it easier for young people to pursue a career in the film and adjacent industries; to create opportunities specifically for those who are harder to reach and who would encounter additional obstacles; and to enable film businesses to recruit a skilled workforce that is representative of modern Britain.

Industry body ScreenSkills will deliver the Future Film Skills Programme.

Find out more about the programme.