DEVDAS (1955)

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Story of two childhood friends Devdas and Paro(Parvati) who are separated when Devdas, whose parents find him to be a handful, is sent to Calcutta for his studies. They meet as grownups when Devdas returns to Sonarpur. Owing to family objections over caste and status, they cannot marry and Paro is married to a rich landowner. Devdas, returns to Calcutta where he takes solace in drink and slowly deteriorates. He is looked after by Chandramukhi, a prostitute, who is deeply in love with him but realises that Devdas's heart belong to Paro. Devdas promises Paro that he will return to her when he is dying and attempts to do so but is unsuccesful. He dies, a stranger, within sight of her home. Based on the novel by Sarat Chandra Chatterjee and dedicated to the memory of P.C. Barua and K.L. Saigal.

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