The Mission (1986)

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  • Guarani Working Spanish


In 17th-century South America, successful slave-trader Rodrigo Mendoza has a devastating and life-changing fight with his younger brother. Repenting of his violent profession, Rodrigo joins a group of Jesuits who run a harmonious mission (with farming, music and crafts) in the jungle, above a waterfall, which is run by the peace-loving Father Gabriel. But with Spain and Portugal in a bitter political war over territory, the Church authorities fear the missions will be closed down by their new Portuguese overlords. A cardinal travels to the area to make an assessment for the pope. When the matter is decided and the order comes to close the mission, Gabriel and Rodrigo have opposing ideas about how, as men of God, they should respond, and whether, as the Portuguese mercenaries move in to destroy the mission, they can in good conscience fight back.

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