Now, Voyager (1942)

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  • Untold Want for Songs of Parting Alternative


Spinster Charlotte Vale suffers a nervous breakdown after years of a suppressive existence living with her domineering mother. After medical help and recuperation at a sanatorium, she goes on holiday, and meets and falls in love with a married architect travelling on the same ship. She returns home much changed, but is again under pressure and she feels responsible when her mother dies of a heart attack during an argument with her. She returns to the sanatorium, where she meets the emotionally-disturbed daughter, Tina, of the man she loves, who reminds her of herself at the same age. Befriending her and finally getting parents and doctor's consent for Tina to stay with her, she shows the man she loves how their love can be maintained without a break-up of his marriage and how she feels fulfilled through his child.

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