Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

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Dr William Harford and his wife Alice attend a party given in New York by Victor Ziegler, a wealthy acquaintance. At the party William has to treat a young woman who has taken a drugs overdose, while a fellow party guest tries unsuccessfully to seduce Alice. At home after the party, Alice questions William about his sexual desires for other women and tells him about a naval officer to whom she was once deeply attracted. Stunned by Alice’s revelation, William leaves to visit the grieving daughter of a recently deceased patient before meeting a prostitute whose home he later visits. Later in the night, he learns from his friend Nick of a secret costume party being held outside the city, which he gains entry to. At the party, he observes an elaborate orgy but after ignoring warnings to leave given by a female guest he is forcibly removed. The next day, William fears that his life may be in danger and becomes convinced that the reported death of a model is connected to the events he observed the previous night.

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