Sweetheart and Colors of Tobi (BFI Flare 2021) are two very different films – one a coming of age story about a family staycation, the other a documentary about the changing dynamic between a mother and her transgender son. However, both use a family lens to ask big questions about belonging and allyship. Queerness and family were the focus of Michelle Antoniades and Marley Morrison’s previous short Baby Gravy, and in spending four years making Colors of Tobi, Alexa Bakony almost became one of the family herself.

This event is a conversation with Alexa and Michelle about their approach to tackling family and queerness on screen from director and producer perspectives. Why were they keen to address this theme, how do you foster familial intimacy on screen, and how have their own experiences as filmmakers been shaped by family relationships?

Host: Jess Haygarth — BFI Film Academy Young Programmer

Running time 75 minutes

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