In this folksy corner of America, it’s all cowboy boots and apple pie. Topics like trans and mental health seem off limits. Troy is a great dad but has manic episodes that cause him to be misunderstood and fall foul of the law. At odds with his wife, who tries to suppress their child’s growing depression around all things female, he hatches a half-baked plan with the kid to allow him to live freely as a boy. Setting off together one night, with the aim of trekking through the rural expanse and over the Canadian border, this epic father-son adventure starts idyllically but soon unravels. With the only decent cop in the area hot on their trail, it becomes a race against time to bring them home safely and rebuild family bridges.

Zorian Clayton, Programmer

Language English

Accessibility Available with closed captions and audio description

Running time 83 minutes 

Please note, this film contains themes of mental health.

UK distribution Blue Finch Film Distribution

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