Experienced nurse Marcos has worked the night shift at the same private clinic for many years. Quiet and introspective, he is a man of routine, tirelessly dedicated to his job. But he has a secret – euthanising deteriorating patients who appear to stand no chance of recovery. With the arrival of Gabriel, an attractive and charming new nurse on the ward, Marcos suddenly finds his position under threat. Not only does Gabriel effortlessly ingratiate himself with his fellow colleagues, he too appears to be ending the lives of suffering patients, but with far more sinister motives. With its macabre set-up soon giving way to potent homoerotic undertones, Martín Kraut’s slow-burn thriller is a quietly unsettling exploration of ethical conduct, fragile masculinity and the dangerous powers of sexual desire.

Michael Blyth, Senior Programmer

Language Spanish with English subtitles

Running time 93 minutes

Please note, this film contains themes of euthanasia.

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