Grieving the loss of her mother Lillian, Beth stumbles across a portal to the past where she can revisit happier times, but soon finds it hard to stay away. As her three younger siblings return home for a family celebration, Beth escapes the pressure of being the eldest by spending more time traveling through the portal. Swept away by bittersweet memories – of both her mums being alive and her own tentative steps towards love with best friend Lauren – Beth can’t see the danger that lurks beneath the surface of this magical place until it’s too late. A startlingly original film that grounds its fantasy elements firmly in reality, it’s bolstered by a strong ensemble cast. Thomas Wilson-White has crafted an engaging story of love and family, and the lengths we go to for both.

Emma Smart, Programmer

Language English

Accessibility Available with closed captions and audio description

Running time 88 minutes

UK distribution Bohemia Media

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  • On BFI Player in the UK with a ticket or festival pass
  • Watch at any time during the festival
  • 4 hours to finish once you start watching

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