Who can apply

Applications should be made by working consortia from distinct areas of the UK outside Greater London, or be applying on behalf of a project whose benefits will accrue outside the Greater London region.

Each consortium should nominate a lead applicant to co-ordinate their application.

The lead applicant must be a not-for-profit organisation such as a registered company (limited by guarantee), charity, university, local authority or similar.

Individuals, unincorporated associations and companies that provide profits for directors, members or shareholders are not eligible to act as the lead applicant.

Consortia may comprise a combination of public, private and third sector organisations with an interest in the screen industries or creative media sector.

These should include a range of local stakeholders including but not limited to:

● at least 2 partners with significant experience of either the screen and media industries or delivering major cultural programmes

● local government stakeholders that may include Local Enterprise Partnerships, combined or local authorities, city councils or City Regional Deal representatives

● universities, colleges and local training providers

To be eligible, a consortium must demonstrate widespread buy-in from such organisations, including through a commitment to match cash funding. This must be on at least a 50:50 basis with the funding requested from the BFI across the life of the project. In-kind support is welcomed but will not count towards the calculation of such match amount, though this will be acknowledged as contributing to the strength of potential partnerships.

Those who meet the eligibility criteria and are interested in applying should contact the BFI to discuss timelines for submitting the application and the execution of any potential project.

What you need to deliver

Awards will be made through one of two strands. Funding recipients will be required to produce different deliverables depending upon which strand they apply to.

Strand 1: Producing an Economic Development Plan

Key deliverables

A detailed Economic Development Plan identifying opportunities to build the local screen sector and how this will be achieved.

Strand 2: Implementing an Economic Development Plan

Key deliverables

  • Demonstrable growth and improved performance in those areas of the cluster targeted by the Development Plan. This should be evidenced by thorough and appropriate data
  • Evidence of partnership funding (on at least a 50:50 match basis) leveraged by the National Cluster Growth Fund over the course of the plan’s implementation, as well as evidence of partnership working with the BFI’s relevant major partners

Apply for funding

Potential applicants should read the guidelines before progressing with an application.

Applicants should also contact the BFI at clusterfund@bfi.org.uk to register their interest and discuss their eligibility before progressing with any application.

Applicants should complete one of two application forms, depending upon which strand of the fund they are applying to.

Applications forms, all supporting evidence requested in the forms and any enquiries should be submitted to clusterfund@bfi.org.uk

There is no formal deadline for the fund, but all funded activity must be concluded by March 2022.