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Like all great art, Kubrick’s films dazzle, challenge and provoke both emotionally and intellectually.

Watch the Kubrick season trailer (Warning: contains some images of nudity and violence).

‘If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed’

Stanley Kubrick

Stanley Kubrick occupies a rare position in the history of cinema, being arguably not just the greatest filmmaker but one of the greatest (and most enigmatic) artists of the 20th century in any medium. His films are brimming with images that are so intensely powerful and mysterious they have become iconic within our collective cultural consciousness. Kubrick’s ability to manoeuvre the machinery of Hollywood to enable a level of artistic control that had never been seen before allowed him to convey bold and complex ideas. This, coupled with his now infamously meticulous approach to the craft, produced an oeuvre that seems inexhaustibly rich in meaning and significance and unparalleled in terms of influence. His style, aesthetic and ambition is widely cited as an inspiration by many of our most prominent directors, whose films are ‘Kubrickian’ by design.

Season programmer, Stuart Brown

The Kubrick film season will run at BFI Southbank 1 April — 31 May

A Clockwork Orange will be released nationwide on 5 April

The season will be on sale 5 March to BFI members, and 12 March to the public

From 26 April the Design Museum presents its version of the Deutsches Filmmuseum’s hugely successful Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition, which explores Kubrick’s life and work. Revisit the oeuvre of this visionary auteur and get under the skin of his fascinations and obsessions.

Book now for the Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition

With thanks to Warner Bros and the Kubrick Estate


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