Curated by: Maya Sfakianaki, Sam Judd and Jessica Haygarth
Host: Maya Sfakianaki
Panellists: Justin Edgar, Sophie Leigh Stone and Sam Judd

Discussion around the possibilities for disabled people to create and provoke with their art is rare. Events promoting accessibility are often formulaic, usually aimed at access to the industry and not the talents and unique perspectives of disabled filmmakers. This event will recognise disabled filmmakers’ contributions to the landscape of film, while interrogating how their disabilities are a positive and integral part of their filmmaking. It will commence with an interactive viewing experience. A short film will be screened three times, each with sound and visual alterations. These alterations will mimic the experience of viewing film with limited senses. Finally, the film will be shown in its unaltered form. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion where director, producer and screenwriter Justin Edgar, filmmaker Sam Judd and actress Sophie Leigh Stone will be discussing the possibilities of working as a disabled filmmaker and using your disability to create art. We aim to show disabilities as an alternative way of understanding the world and through it proposing a distinctive approach to filmmaking.

In partnership with BFI Film Academy

This show is sponsored by BFI Film Academy