Curated by: Billie Collins
Host: Billie Collins
Panellists: Mandla Rae, Ruari Paterson-Achenbach and Yandass Ndlovu

What happens when you sit a queer, radical, feminist composer in front of Amadeus? How does a freestyle hip-hop dancer react to their first taste of Billy Elliot? And how would a spoken word poet take on the verse of Dead Poets Society? In Pick ‘n’ Flix three artists – a dancer, a poet and a composer – encounter famous cinematic representations of their craft and explore how film interacts with other art forms. Each artist has been assigned a film. We’ll get their initial reactions before watching a creative work they’ve crafted in response. We’re not here to talk about film – we’re here to make a song and dance about it.

In partnership with BFI Film Academy

This show is sponsored by BFI Film Academy