Multi-talented actor, rapper and activist Riz Ahmed joins us to talk about his career and the making of Mogul Mowgli. With his roles in British independent features such as Chris Morris’ Four Lions and Michael Winterbottom’s Trishna, the Hollywood blockbusters Jason Bourne, Rogue One and Venom, as well as his Emmy-winning turn in The Night Of, Ahmed’s acting career has been stratospheric. Also known as Riz MC, he won critical acclaim with his albums Microscope and Cashmere, and raps in the band Sweat Shop Boys. In Mogul Mowgli, which he co-wrote with director Bassam Tariq, Ahmed plays a British-Pakistani rapper whose life spirals out of control when he succumbs to a debilitating illness. It’s yet another astonishing performance by this gifted performer.

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