Curated by: Siavash Minoukadeh and Aisha Jan
Host: Caragh Davison
Panellists: Gage Oxley, Sam Fray and Christian Cerami

We want to work to undo some of the barriers disadvantaged young people face in breaking into the film industry. Opening with a screening of a film by one such filmmaker, this event aims to offer a platform for a broader conversation about these issues and offer practical solutions to them. Although young filmmakers are our primary audience, we want the industry – from practitioners to press – to attend in order to understand the issues disadvantaged young people currently face and to encourage them to help make the industry more accessible. Whether you’re starting out or facing obstacles as they progress, this event offers practical advice and information. It will share ways to overcome difficulties such as accessing funding, learning to network and making contacts, and finding opportunities for work outside filmmaking centres like London. It will also highlight the work and help offered by organisations and schemes targeting these issues.

In partnership with BFI Film Academy

This show is sponsored by BFI Film Academy