The peak TV boom of the past few years has seen a breakdown in the old hierarchy between film and television. Authored small-screen work by directors we’d usually associate with film festivals has become increasingly common. Creative talent are moving smoothly between feature-length and long-form episodic work, and where talent go producers are following, with many who have traditionally only worked in the film space now developing authored, talent-led work for television. This panel hears from the producers behind the celebrated BBC adaptation of Normal People, directed by Lenny Abrahamson and Hettie Macdonald, and Alex Garland’s visionary sci-fi series Devs about how and why they made the leap to the small screen and what they learnt in the process.

Ed Guiney, Producer and Co-Founder, Element Pictures
Allon Reich, Producer and Co-Founder, DNA Films and TV

Moderator: Louise Tutt, Deputy Editor, Screen International

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