The last decade has heralded an extraordinary mainstream surge in immersive art. No longer an experience confined to the VR space, theatres, galleries and cinemas have all spent the past decade expanding their definition of performance and public engagement, seeking to immerse their audiences in new ways. As Covid-19 put an end to public gatherings and venues have had to pivot to digital in order to engage audiences remotely, we ask how immersive a remote or socially distanced experience can be and what the current moment might mean for the future of immersive art.

Jane Alison, Head of Visual Arts, Barbican
Ali Hossaini, Artist and Co-Director, National Gallery X
Toby Coffey, Head of Digital Development, National Theatre
Nell Whitley, Executive Producer, Marshmallow Laser Feast

Moderated by Razia Iqbal, Journalist and Presenter, BBC

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