Covid-19 has had a profound – and possibly lasting – impact on almost every aspect of the film business, from production, distribution and exhibition through to festivals and markets. Changes that were hitherto incremental have been accelerated overnight. The Black Lives Matter movement has also prompted a moment of uncomfortable reckoning for the industry. As the industry emerges from lockdown and cautiously starts to reopen, this is an opportunity for some smart thinkers from the international film community to reflect on what we’ve learnt from the past six months, ponder what could or should change going forward, and imagine the kind of future we might want to emerge into.

Ted Hope, Producer
Tabitha Jackson, Director, Sundance Film Festival
Anna Serner, CEO, Swedish Film Institute
Bérénice Vincent, Co-Founder, Totem Films

Moderated by Kaleem Aftab, Journalist and Programmer

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