Agence is an experiment in artificial intelligence and storytelling – a dynamic Virtual Reality film that is never the same with each experience. Placing you in the position of an almighty creator interfering with the everyday struggle of simple – but basically intelligent – creatures struggling to survive on a barren planet. Your choices result in life or death, order or chaos. You can then study those results, perhaps even be surprised by your own desire for omnipotence and power. Canada-based director Pietro Galliano claims, “I use the future to make art”. It’s the perfect manifesto for his AI-driven virtual creation.

Pietro Gagliano
Canada 2020
Format: Interactive


Creator: Pietro Gagliano
Producer: Casey Blustein, David Oppenheim
Executive Producers: Pietro Gagliano, Anita Lee
Associate Producers: Erin Ray, Kate Vollum 
Technical Director: Dante Camarena
Creative Director: Nicholas Counter
Lead Developer: Anuj Patel
ML Engineer: Alexander Bakogeorge

Funding support: Canada Media Fund (Fonds des média du Canada), Ontario Creates (Ontario Créatif)

Transitional Forms Team:
Strategy & Communications: Laura Mingail
Quality Assurance: Sumeyya Taghi
Game Designer: Kalen Hermann-Mowling
Community Designer: Erika War
Alpha Trailer Music: Luca Gagliano
Voice Talent: Salvatore Gagliano
Copywriting: Shane Rodak 

National Film Board of Canada Team:
Manager, Studio Operations: Mark Wilson
Production Supervisor: Marcus Matyas
Technical Coordinator: Kevin Riley
Administrator: Patricia Bourgeois
Legal Counsel: Peter Kallianiotis
Director, Distribution: Nathalie Bourdon
Marketing Manager: Tammy Peddle
Marketing Coordinator: Eric Bondo

Featuring Ovi, Rex, Trin’, Crez, Octi

Reinforcement Learning Advisors:
Pablo Samuel Castro (Google Brain)
Kory Mathewson (DeepMind)

Audio by Level Curve Inc.
Music: Robby Duguay
Sound Design: Matthew Miller
Vocals: John Robert Matz

Production Phase
Marketing Director: Michelle Cinapri
Consulting Producer: Andrew Bronfman
Production Accountant: Racheal Forbes
Legal Team: Hall Webber LLP
Production Insurance: Kase Insurance
Marketing Consultants: Rêveur Marketing

Launch Phase
Wonacott Communications
Canada & Festival PR: Mingotwo Communication
Connections Strategy: Isobar Canada

Project Inspiration
Neighbours: Norman McLaren
Balance: Wolfgang & Christoph Lauenstein
2001: A Space Odyssey: Stanley Kubrick
Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning in Sequential Social Dilemmas: Google DeepMind
Emissaries:  Ian Cheng

Special Thanks To:
Vivian Gagliano    
Monica Blaylock    
Sam Gallagher-Bishop    
Cem Anil 
Nick Suttner     
Lesli Ferguson     
Vitor Falleiros    
Amy Zimmerman    
Adam Myhill    
Ruth Silver    
Rorik Henrikson      
Joi McConnell    
Peter Woods    
Sabina Wex    
Peter Chaban    
Francis Chervenek    
René Pinnell    
Jorin Bruns   
Andrew Wilson   
Toufi Saliba    
Ian Nastajus
Steven Joel Miller    
Kathrin Brunner    
Tyler Sammy    
Jon Corbiere    
Priam Givord    
Josh Manricks    
Mike Sandercock    
Micheal Powell    
Alex McGill
Google AI, Venice Film Festival 77, Venice Film Festival 76, Oculus Start, Wwise, Unity
Thank you to our families, friends and colleagues who have supported and inspired us in the making of this project.