This dazzling VR experience is led by the acclaimed vocalist and singer Nubiya Brandon, with original music by Raffy Bushman and the NuShape Orchestra. Embark on a musical journey through different styles and genres, from Reggae and Grime to Classical and Calypso, reflecting on the influence of Caribbean culture on the UK’s music scene. Sophisticated, personal, flamboyant – this immersive musical experience was commissioned by the National Theatre in direct response to Small Island, their acclaimed 2019 production of Andrea Levy’s epic novel about the Windrush generation. Originally showcased as a multiplayer experience at the National Theatre, we are proud to present a newly developed single-user-version of the piece. The presentation of this piece marks the beginning of our long-term partnership with the National Theatre on presenting XR and Immersive Art forms in our LFF Expanded programme.

All Kinds of Limbo
Toby Coffey
UK, 2019
World Premiere (Individual Audience Version)

Duration: 14 minutes
Format: 6DOF


Devised and Directed by Toby Coffey
Produced by Johanna Nicholls 
Composed by Raffy Bushman & Nubiya Brandon
Lyrics by Nubiya Brandon 
Vocals: Nubiya Brandon
Piano: Raffy Bushman
Violin: Saskia Horton 
Viola: Zami Jalil
Viola: Abby Owen 
Cello: Susie Blankfield 
Trumpet: Jonathan Enser 
Trumpet: Johnny Woodham
Saxophone: Gabrielle Pribetti
Saxophone/Flute: Adriano Rossetti-Bonell 
Trombone: Nathaniel Cross 
Tuba: Christopher Barrett
Guitar: Luke Wynter
Bass: Peter Gavin
Percussion: Dwayne Kilvington 
Drums: Matt Davies 

With additional visual performance by:
Trumpet: Eikel Hernandez
Tuba: Edward Ashby
Guitar: David Mrakpor

Sound Design: Gareth Fry
Choreography: Coral Messam

Created by National Theatre 
Toby Coffey Head of Digital Development 
Marc Tritschler Music Associate
Johanna Nicholls Senior Producer, Immersive Storytelling Studio 

Developed by Accenture

Developed by All Seeing Eye

Volumetric Capture by Dimension Studios

Development support by Surround Vision

Captured by Acuity