Sydney’s Isabel, Phyllis, and Paulette McDonagh bucked a predominantly male film world and successfully produced four feature films between 1926 and 1933, including this charming 1929 release. Embezzler Bill Marsh (Arthur Greenaway) emerges from jail and working with his daughter Paula (Marie Lorraine), who serves as a bait, targets wealthy victims. He is also seeking revenge on businessman John Travers (John Faulkner), who turned him into the police. However, Paula falls in love with Travers’ son and starts to doubt her future in a life of crime. Highly regarded for its set design – including some striking details – mood and atmosphere, and featuring stunningly vivid tinting, The Cheaters is one of Australia’s major surviving silent films.

Julie Pearce

Showing with the trailer for Those Who Love (1926), the McDonaghs’ first film.

Piano accompaniment by Cyrus Gabrysch.

New digital restoration from the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia’s NFSA Restores program.

Presented in partnership with The Kennington Bioscope, a silent film screening series based at the Cinema Museum in London.

This show is sponsored by Kennington Bioscope