Common Ground presents a powerful and multifaceted insight into the history of South London’s Aylesbury Estate. Encounter current inhabitants, former residents and rights activists to get a deeper understanding of the history and the legacy of this community. Darren Emerson’s acclaimed VR documentary mixes 360 video and real time environments to offer access to areas of the estate itself and personal spaces of residents in order to examine how design, planning, dreams of utopian living and the political will of the day has affected ordinary lives. It questions notions of community and asks whether current housing policy today is destined to repeat the mistakes of the past. Originally conceived as an interactive experience, we are proud to premiere a specifically commissioned 360 version of this impactful work.

Common Ground (360 Version)

Darren Emerson
UK, 2019
World Premiere (360 Version)
Format: 3DoF


Written, Produced and Directed: Darren Emerson
Production Company: East City Films
Executive Producers for East City Films: Darren Emerson and Ashley Cowan
Head of Post Production: Conan Roberts

Consulting Producer: Dan Tucker

Jean Bartlett, John Boughton, Kevin Holland, Aysen Dennis, Judi Bos, Anthony Badu

360 Production:
Camera Operators: Jessica Curran, Conan Roberts, Darren Emerson, Erfan Saaditi, Andrew Yardley.
Rover Operator: Sununu Hernandez, Ben Huss-Smickler
Drone Operator: Sununu Hernandez
Sound Recording: Oliver Kadel, Giacomo Corpino, Ashley Cowan, Darren Emerson
Sound Design: Oliver Kadel for 1.618
Production Manager: Alexa Pearson
Runners: Yinjie Yang, Luck Mitchell, Owen Davis
Photogrammetry Capture: Conan Roberts
Editor: Conan Roberts
Animation: Marco Sandeman
3D Modelling: Laine Kocaine, Aaron Hicks
Unity Creative Director: Ollie Lindsay
Unity Technical Director: Adam Child
Unity Creative Lead: Ollie Kay
Unity Developer: Jason Walters
Unity Developer (prototype): Andy Overton

Additional Composition: Oliver Kadel @1.618

Commissioned and funded by: Creative XR, Arts Council England, Digital Catapult
Additional funding: StoryFutures Academy