Alexa Pollmann, Bruno Martelli, Bine Roth and choreographer Ruth Gibson’s exceptional artistic project re-imagines this one-off historical event. Zig-zag motifs – inspired by the naval dazzle-ship patterns from the First World War – are applied to costumes and set design, playing with audiences’ vision and perception. These astonishing visuals build the optical framework for a multisensory live-performance and fine arts exhibition, which will premiere in spring 2021. It’s an incredible fusion of dance and immersive technology for multiple participants. We are proud to present a work-in-progress single-user-version of the show. Let’s have a Ball! 

Gibson/Martelli + Peut-Porter
UK 2020
World Premiere

Format: 6DOF


Director: Bruno Martelli
Visual Artist, Virtual Reality: Bruno Martelli
Visual Artist, Choreographer: Ruth Gibson
Costuming, Design: Alexa Pollmann 
Costuming, Accessories: Bine Roth
Executive Producer: Dan Tucker
Exhibition, Graphic & Motion Design: Oliver Wrobel
Musician, Sound Designer: Paul Steinmann
Exhibition, Graphic & Motion Design: Piero Glina
Costumier: Luz Mabel Flores
Dance Captain: Hannah Burfield
Principal Dancer: Harry Alexander
Dancer & Assistant: Francesca Orlando
Commissioned and funded by: Creative XR, Arts Council England, Digital Catapult