Ballroom culture (also known as vogue culture, named after the highly-stylised form of dance), stretches back to early 20th-century New York. It was initiated by trans persons of colour in order to express their fabulous otherness at scintillating balls. In the UK, the scene took off in the late 1980s as an underground LGBTQI+ movement powered by music, performance and a shared sense of community. Gimme One explores the stories of 5 members of the current UK ballroom community. We get to share their experiences, their thoughts and beliefs as they explore sexuality and gender through dance. This exceptional VR project uses digital volumetric and motion capture techniques to celebrate the unique voices of this vibrant subculture.

Gimme One
Harry Silverlock, Montague Fitzgerald
UK 2020
World Premiere

Duration: 14 minutes
Format: 360 Film


Producer: Harry Silverlock
Director & Editor: Montague Fitzgerald
Co-Producer & Ballroom Artist- Karteer Miyake Mugler
Project Support: Euella Jackson
Ballroom Artist: Aysha Chamberlain
Ballroom Artist: Brandon Okeke (Gadget 007)
Ballroom Artist: Kenzo Miyake-Mugler
Ballroom Artist: Diva Miyake-Mugler
360 Camera Operator: Harrison Willmott
Volumetric Capture Artist: Joshua Pawlowski
360 Sound Operator: Rosa Eaton
Photographer: Sophie Le-Roux
Score Composer: Joseph Summers
Post Production Manager: Fi Nicholson
Animation Artist: George Jasper Stone
Artwork Designer: Dom Okah
360 Sound Designer: Becky Street
Production Company: Fitzfilmz 
Contributors: Ellie Richolds, House Of West, Vinnii Revlon, Rob Eagle, Verity Mckintosh, Madrid Ballroom Scene, Vjuan Allure, Julia Scott-Stevenson, Mike Q