Giddily exhausted newlyweds, a luxury honeymoon hotel suite and the discovered gift of an ex-girlfriend’s ring – happily-ever-afters need stronger foundations than this. The bride and groom’s escalating feud sends them out into the city at night, ostensibly to confirm if marriage was the right answer, but actually unearthing thornier questions about individual hopes and fears. Writer-director Talya Lavie confirms the promise of her excellent debut Zero Motivation (LFF 2014) with an original, lively addition to the ‘One Night In…’ movie scenario (think Before Sunrise, After Hours). Her tough, empathetic take on romantic foibles and frustrations crackles with wry humour and delightfully spry narrative curveballs. If the central pair (a terrific Ran Danker and Avigail Harari) are constantly caught off-guard, Lavie’s poise is never in doubt.

Leigh Singer

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