Across a bare, neon-lit stage, punctuated by strobing lights and with a heady techno soundtrack, fifteen young dancers move to a sexually-charged choreography dominated by repetition and slow motion. If It Were Love documents the production of choreographer Gisèle Vienne’s Crowd, a visceral dance performance exploring the 90s rave scene. This spirited film interweaves rehearsals, dance sequences and intimate conversations with the dancers, discussing how they draw from personal experience to enter fully into character, and what happens on stage blurs the line between fiction and reality. Director Patric Chiha’s (Brothers of the Night, 2016) cinematic flair complements Vienne’s style, allowing for further interrogation of the complexity of emotional intimacy and physical attraction, as well as highlighting the power of elementary experiences such as collective dancing.

Laure Bonville

Content warning: this film contains flashing images.

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