A mesmerising art piece by Marcel Karnapke and Mika Johnson, Ilios deals with the lingering effects of the COVID-19 crisis on both their personal lives and wider society. The two creators had originally planned a collaboration for a German digital art project in February when the pandemic struck and the project was shut down. Johnson found himself stuck in North America for the remainder of the spring. As a result, the artists transformed their personal correspondences over the next few months into a captivating Virtual Reality meditation. Visual patterns emerge out of nowhere, occasionally allowing glimpses of recognisable shapes before even those fade away again, leaving us confronted with our own personal fears, doubts and sense of loneliness in the world.

Marcel Karnapke, Mika Johnson
Germany-Czech Republic 2020

Duration: 9 minutes
Format: 6DOF


Directors: Marcel Karnapke, Mika Johnson
Sound: Jackson Bierfeldt
Concept and VR Developer: Marcel Karnapke 
Script: Mika Johnson 
Narrators: Mika Johnson, Jackson Bierfeldt