Old Dolio and her parents Robert and Theresa are a trio of small-time hustlers who live in an abandoned and decrepit LA office block. Spectacularly dysfunctional as parents, the couple have tried to spare their daughter the mediocrity of conventional life by treating her as an adult companion, seeing ordinary paternal affection as infantilising. But this has left her starved for tenderness. So, when the family meet Melanie (Gina Rodriguez) during an elaborate scam involving lost luggage, Old Dolio’s heart is stirred. July’s debut Me and You and Everyone We Know was a defining classic of noughties American cinema, alongside the films of Spike Jonze, Charlie Kaufman and Sofia Coppola. The singular world view expressed in her myriad of works across film, art, and literature also shapes July’s third feature, with lonely people reaching across seemingly impassable expanses of awkwardness for human connection. Rodriguez and Wood excel here, with Melanie opening Old Dolio’s life to the sweet possibility of ordinary love, but also potential grief – from where she least expects it.

Tricia Tuttle

UK distribution Universal Pictures International UK

Closed captions available

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