Martha Street, in London district of Shadwell, is a hotspot for heroin dealing and consumption, prostitution and petty crime. Local authorities only react when there is a ‘serious threat or instance of violence’, with all other matters deferred to ‘a later date’. This immersive documentary allows us to experience first-hand encounters with violence, threat and intimidation, while giving those inhabitants of the area, who are constantly fighting and seeking solutions for the appalling conditions, a powerful voice. One of the most dynamic forces in this fight is ‘The Shadwell Youth Club’: by providing young people with a sense of community and new perspectives, the youth workers offer hope, belonging and meaning to the lives of underrepresented young boys and girls.

The Martha Street Experience
Peter Collis
UK 2020
World Premiere

Duration: 12 minutes
Format: 360 Film


Director & Cinematographer: Peter Collis
Producer: Atif Ghani
Executive Producer: Abu Hasanath
Contributors: Zain Ahmed, Abu Hasanath, Lukey Begum, Tahmid Saleh, Roshna Soumaya Bezgrari, Kalam Miah, Zain Ahmed, Foyzul Islam – Mas Bazar, Akikur Rahman, Shah Ali Zaman
Music: Ceri Evans and Lawrence Mohammed
Colourist: Toby Tomkins
Location Sound: Kazimir Bielecki
Spatial Sound Designer: Dan Blaker
Support from:
Mayor of London’s Culture Seeds 
Arts Council of England
The Shadwell Youth Club
The Rooted Forum
Target 3D
Barclays Eagle Labs at Plexal
Immersive Computing Labs

Production Companies: Hyperactive Developments, Tram Films