Imagine a world where there is no air left to breathe, no rivers to race a paper boat on and no parks to roam in. Environmental damage, job-automation, the breakdown of personal connections have led to a future where the best choice of survival is to upload your own memories into an automated AI cloud server and reconnect with loved ones in the vastness of the net. This hypnotic narrative unfolds around 5 characters, increasingly struggling to access their uploaded memories. Set in a breathtaking visual landscape, this dystopian future unravels slowly around you, leaving you challenged to re-think your own beliefs and actions. It’s an exploration of a possible future that says much about our present lives.

To Miss the Ending
Anna West, David Callanan
UK 2020
World Premiere

Duration: 26 minutes
Format: 6DOF


An idontloveyouanymore and Tyneside Cinema Production for New Creatives, supported by BBC Arts and Arts Council England. 

Directed by Anna West and David Callanan
Written by Anna West
Original Story by Theatre 42

Production Design: David Callanan
Animation By: Joe Whitmore and David Callanan
Sound Design: WeMakeAudio
Composer: Jamie Finlay
Producer: Steph Clarke
Executive Producer: Dan Tucker