Many incredible ideas for films never see the light of day. Missing Pictures is a VR documentary series that brings these untold stories to life through a combination of original animated artwork, from the pre-production process to filmmakers’ recent volumetric recordings. The first part of this series features award-winning director Abel Ferrara, whose feature Siberia is also playing in the festival. He takes us on a thrilling journey into the depth of uncompleted project Birds of Prey. Ferrara has said: “No one can stop me from talking about my movie.” This platform allows him – and other filmmakers – to tell the incredible story behind his film to us in the most imaginative way.

Missing Pictures – Birds of Prey
Clément Deneux
France 2019
UK Premiere

Duration: 8min
Format: 6DOF    


Director: Clément Deneux
Starring: Abel Ferrara
Producers: Antoine Cayrol
Producers: Atlas V,  Albyon Studio (France) 
Co-Producers: Arte France, BBC (UK), Serendipity Films, PTS (TW
Line Producer: Julien Bercy
Casting: Joule Studio, Juliette Menager
Writer: Joseph Beauregard
Technical Director: Clément Chériot (NOVELAB)
Music: HiTnRuN & SH404, Credit song by Abel Ferrara
Executive Editor: BBC Arts, Lamia Dabboussey 
Sound Design: Pierre Michaud
Cinematography: Giovanni C. Lorusso
Digital Department: Gilles Freissinier, Marianne Lévy-Leblond, Barbara Fuchs, Stéphane Nauroy, Jérôme Vernet
Commissioning Editor: PTS
Commissioning Editor: Marianne Levy-Leblond for ARTE