People2People is based on a concept study by filmmaker Fabian Vetter, undertaken during his master’s degree at the University of Westminster. He states: “Meeting different people on both sides of the separation wall allowed me to gain a better picture of the complexity and the historical context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict… the more people I met and listened to, the less I understood why, for decades, these people have failed to make sustainable peace.” This deeply moving VR documentary originally comprised of 6 portraits of Palestinians and Israelis. We have chosen 2 of them as part of this programme.

Sarah (Palestine): Musician Sarah talks about her ambivalent feelings towards her current home in the West Bank and plays her music.

People2People — Sarah
Fabian Vetter
Germany-Israel 2020
World Premiere

Duration: 27 minutes
Format: 360 Film


Director & Producer: Fabian Vetter
Producers (East End Film): Elaine Niessner, Tommy Niessner, Maddie Gwinn
Editor: Dennis Krahwinkel
Camera: Jens Kilian
Assistant Director: Sophie Joy Campbell
Executive Producer: Gili Meisler
Translation & Subtitles: Olga Burkhardt-Vetter