People2People is based on a concept study by filmmaker Fabian Vetter, undertaken during his master’s degree at the University of Westminster. He states: ‘Meeting different people on both sides of the separation wall allowed me to gain a better picture of the complexity and the historical context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict…the more people I met and listened to, the less I understood why, for decades, these people have failed to make sustainable peace’. This deeply moving VR documentary originally comprised of six portraits of Palestinians and Israelis. We have chosen two of them as part of this programme.

Yaakov (Israel): Yaakov is a Holocaust survivor and retired teacher.

People2People — Yaakov
Fabian Vetter
Germany-Israel 2020
World Premiere

Duration: 27 minutes
Format: 360 Film


Director & Producer: Fabian Vetter
Producers (East End Film): Elaine Niessner, Tommy Niessner, Maddie Gwinn
Editor: Dennis Krahwinkel
Camera: Jens Kilian
Assistant Director: Sophie Joy Campbell
Executive Producer: Gili Meisler
Translation & Subtitles: Olga Burkhardt-Vetter