The concept of drone warfare is taken to a provocative new level in Brandon Cronenberg’s nightmarish follow-up to 2012’s Antiviral. Another foray into the body-horror genre pioneered by his father David, this insanely enjoyable and graphically gruesome identity-swap thriller stars Andrea Riseborough as Tasya Vos, a psychic and possibly psychotic hitwoman-for-hire, who hijacks other people’s minds and manipulates them to into carrying out undetectable murder-suicides. A respectable wife and mother in her normal life, Tasya is the perfect undercover operative. That is until she encounters the unexpectedly stubborn Colin (Christopher Abbott), whose body she takes over as part of a plot to kill his media mogul father-in-law (Sean Bean). Slick, smart and gory, Possessor thrills right up to its visceral, goose-bump ending.

Damon Wise

This film is rated LFF18.

Content warning: this film contains scenes of graphic violence.

UK distribution Signature Entertainment

(Closed captions available)

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