Floating through the endless abyss of space, we encounter an imposing geometrical form. Half metallic tetrahedron, half reminiscence of a gigantic alien intelligence, this object suddenly deconstructs and is scattered into billions of particles. The spectator journeys through this universe of decay and rebirth. Formal fragments, fluid shapes and mesmerising soundscapes accompanies the viewer through space and time, confronting us with the universal principles of extermination and renewal.

Recoding Entropia
François Vautier
France 2020
UK Premiere

Duration: 8 minutes
Format: 360 Film


Producer: Da Prod / Jeremy Sahel
Writers: François Vautier, Frank Richar
Director: François Vautier
Director of Photography: Francois Vautier
Sound and Music : Pascal Bantz
FX studio: small by Mac Guff
Line producer: Cyril Gautier
Post production supervisor: Fred Bellaiche