Babs sees his barber shop in Paris as a melting pot for people from all cultural backgrounds and religions to create a shared sense of community.

Virtual (Black) Reality is a narrative VR series filmed in 180° and was conceived as part of the YouTube Creators Lab in London in 2018, where emerging European and Middle Eastern filmmakers were given the opportunity to work in this special format. Acclaimed director Baff Akoto (Leave the Edge, LFF 2020) states: “Our project is about being in intimate spaces that don’t usually get a lot of airtime and certainly not in VR or 180. We want to talk about spaces and communities that are part of my everyday but I don’t necessarily see represented.” Comprising the Afropean experience, they follow the stories of 4 very different individuals (Bella, Babs, Kwesi, ShaNon), unified by their origins and cultural backgrounds.

Virtual (Black) Reality: Volume 2
Baff Akoto
UK 2020
World Premiere

Duration: 14 minutes
Format: VR180


Produced & Directed by Baff Akoto
Executive Producer: L-A Appiah
Editor/Post-Production: Jonathan Cronin
Cinematographer: Fola Abatan
Sound Design & Mix: Anna Bertmark
Production Co-ordinators: Awra Tewolde-Berhan and Qila Gill

V(B)R is a Recurring Dreams production