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Guide to adding your screenings

1. On your ‘Manage my screenings’ page, select the ‘Add a screening’ button.


2. On the ‘Add a screening’ page:

(a) Select your cinema from the dropdown list.

(b) Add a location to your cinema. You will need to enter the address of each of your cinema venues once, it will then be available to select from your dropdown list. 

(c) Add a film to your film library. This will be saved to your dropdown list to select for future screenings. 

(d) Add the screening date.

(e) Add the screening start and end times in 24 hour times.

(f) Provide any additional details about the screening. Avoid adding cinema details as these already appear on your BFI Neighbourhood Cinema profile.  

(g) Select ‘Save’ when complete. 


3. The screening now appears on your ‘Manage my screenings’ page. You can edit or delete individual screenings by selecting the ‘Edit’ or ‘Delete’ buttons.


4. When you’re ready, check and select the ‘Go’ button. This will replace your existing BFI Neighbourhood Cinema profile screenings with screenings you’ve added here. You will only have to do this once - new screenings you add will automatically display on your profile.


5. Your screenings now display on your BFI Neighbourhood Cinema profile. 


Tip: You can access your ‘Manage my screenings’ page and your public BFI Neighbourhood Cinema profile from your main dropdown list.