DCMS has completed its triennial review of the BFI and we have welcomed the publication of its findings. The BFI is pleased to continue working closely with the government and we note the comments and recommendations of the review panel which have been considered in full by the BFI Board of Governors.

It is a standard requirement by the Cabinet Office for all government departments to review their agencies and non-departmental public bodies (NDPBs) at least once every three years to ensure that they are still needed and are complying with principles of good corporate governance.

The aim of the review of the BFI was two-fold:

  • Stage one: to examine whether there was a continuing public need for all functions performed by the BFI and if so, to determine if the BFI should deliver them or if there was an alternative delivery model.
  • Stage two: to look at the control and governance of the BFI to make sure we were complying with recognised governance principles and delivering our functions effectively and efficiently.

The findings of the review were published in September 2014 and are available to read.