GAZWRX: The Films of Jeff Keen

Image for GAZWRX: The Films of Jeff Keen

Dir. Jeff Keen

UK 1960 - 1993 | Colour | 82 mins | Cert 15

'The most important man in cinema. Period.'
Jack Sargeant, Sleaze Nation
Jeff Keen's unique and imaginative filmmaking has outlived the various scenes in which it thrived - the Sixties counter-culture, punk and beyond.

Making work of immediate power and raw intensity on a range of film stocks, this World War II veteran, self-taught artist and pioneer of radical British independent filmmaking continues to defy categorisation.

The twelve short films in this programme, made between 1960 and 1993, reveal the astonishingly tireless talent of a filmmaker not afraid to grapple with sex and war, or to experiment with visceral soundtracks and brutal animation techniques.

Truly inspired and inspiring, this programme is a testament to the irrepressible force that is Jeff Keen.

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